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One Pan Egg Toast
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One Pan Egg Toast


One-Pan Egg Toast

  • 2 Large Eggs
  • 1 Slice Sandwich Bread
  • Few Shakes Salt
  • Few Shakes Black Pepper
  • Few slices Butter

Cheese & Strawberry Jam

  • Few Slices Cheddar Cheese (Or Cheese of Choice)
  • Small scoop Strawberry Jam (Or Jam of Choice)

Canadian Bacon & Swiss Cheese

  • Few Slices Canadian Bacon (Or Black Forest Deli Ham)
  • Few Slice Swiss Cheese (Or Cheese of Choice)


Prep Ingredients

  • Cut one slice of bread in half.
  • Whisk 2 eggs in a bowl. Beat it thoroughly. Season it with few sprinkles of Salt & Black Pepper.
  • Dip the bread halves into the egg wash - coat only one side. Briefly set aside.

Make Breakfast Sandwich

  • Place some butter into your frying pan. Place on low heat. Once butter melts and covers the entire pan, add-in the egg mixture.
  • Immediately place-on the bread halves into the middle of the egg (egg-coated part facing up). Give it a slight nudge so the bread halves settles into the egg. Then do nothing - allow the egg to cook - don't touch it.
  • After the egg has set, it should lift easily off the frying pan. Carefully flip it using a spatula. Then fold the eggs that are hanging over the bread inwards to make a rectangular shape.
  • Place on your toppings of choice: Cheese & Jam, Ham & Cheese
  • Carefully fold the sandwich in half. And give it a few minutes to cook, so that the cheese on the inside will melt.
  • Next, place a small dab of butter into the pan. Give both sides about a 30-45 seconds in the butter to get a nice golden crispy top.
  • Eat with your hands, or get a knife and fork! Bon Appetit ya'll!