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Chinese Egg Fried Rice
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Chinese Egg Fried Rice


  • ½ Cup Diced Spring Onion
  • 3 Whole Eggs
  • 2 Tablespoons Diced Carrot
  • 1 Tablespoon Soy Sauce
  • 2 Cups Rice
  • 2-3 pinches Salt (or substitute with MSG)
  • 1-2 cracks of Black Pepper
  • 1 teaspoon (!) Sesame Oil


Prep Ingredients

  • Cut Spring Onion stalk into thin circles (use the white part of the stalk - it has all of the flavor). Measure out ½ cup's worth. Then finely dice a piece of Carrot (Measure out 2 Tablespoons).
  • Now place a wok or frying pan on high heat. Add in vegetable oil. Once the oil is hot, place in the diced spring onions.
  • After 15 seconds - once the spring onion is sizzling in the oil - move it to one side of the pan. On the other side, crack in 3 eggs. Scramble the eggs as it cooks. Then place the Diced Carrots (2 Tablespoons) on top of the sizzling spring onion.
  • Once the egg is cooked through, mix everything in the pan together. Next, let's season with Soy Sauce (1 Tablespoon). Add it around the walls of the pan (this helps slightly cook the soy sauce before it mixes with the ingredients). Give it all ... one more mix together!
  • Now add in the Rice (2 cup). Here, you can use a soup ladle to get it evenly mixed with the ingredients. Once its evenly mixed in, lay the rice out against the bottom and sides of the frying pan. This will help crisp the rice up.
  • Season with Salt (2-3 pinches). (NOTE: You can substitute here with MSG for true Chinese restaurant flavor). Crack-in a little bit of Black Pepper (1 or 2 cracks)
  • Now turn off heat. Scoop the rice off the walls and gently group it into a small mound. Give it a taste - add more salt if needed.
  • Finish with just a slight drizzle of Sesame Oil (1 teaspoon!)
  • Bon Appetit!