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Spicy Korean Stew made with chili oil, shredded brisket and fern 
Course: Medium
Servings: 4 people


Beef Broth

  • Beef Brisket - 400 g
  • Water - 3L 13 cups
  • Dashima - iPhone-sized piece
  • Ginger - small piece size of your thumb 

Stew Ingredients

  • Korean Fernbrake Gosari- 150 g 
  • Korean Taro Stems Torandae- 150 g
  • Oyster mushrooms - 1 handful 
  • Onion - 1 whole
  • Red Chili Pepper non-spicy - 2 peppers
  • Cheongyang Chili Pepper spicy - 2 peppers (can substitute with 1 Jalapeno pepper)
  • Spring Onion - 3 stalks forearm-length
  • Dangmyeon noodles - small handful optional

Fern Brake Marinade

  • Soup Soy Sauce - 2 Tablespoons
  • Minced Garlic - 1 Tablespoon
  • Sesame Oil - 1 Tablespoon

Taro Stem Marinade

  • Soup Soy Sauce - 2 Tablespoons
  • Minced Garlic - 1 Tablespoon
  • Sesame Oil - 1 Tablespoon

Chili oil 

  • Vegetable oil - ½ cup
  • Gochugaru - ⅓ cup
  • Minced garlic - 1 Tablespoon

Shredded Beef Marinade

  • Soup Soy Sauce - 1 Tablespoon
  • Minced Garlic - 1 Tablespoon
  • Sesame Oil - 1 Tablespoon

Soup Marinade

  • Gochugaru - 2 Tablespoons
  • Minced garlic - 1 Tablespoon
  • Soup Soy Sauce - 2 Tablespoons


  • Pre-Soak Fernbrake and Taro Stems
  • If you buy the dried fernbrake or taro stems, hydrate them in a bowl of cold water. Soak overnight - bore you start cooking the stew. 

Boil beef 

  • Place the piece of Beef Brisket in a large pot. Add 3L (15 cups) of water. Cut the ginger piece into thin slices and add into pot. Add dashima pieces as well.
  • Put on a high heat and it bring up to a boil - without the lid. Once the water comes to boil, pick out the dashima pieces. Use a soup ladle to skim the scum off the top as well.   
  • Now, reduce the heat to a low and let the pot gently simmer for 1 hour. In the meanwhile, lets prep other ingredients for the stew. 

Prep Stew Ingredients

  • After soaking the fern and taro stems overnight, drain the water out. Give them a thorough wash. Then use your hands and squeeze the water out of them
  • Next, cut the fern and taro stems into small pieces (about the length of your pinky finger - as they will get bigger once they boil). 
  • Now place each into a separate bowl. Marinate both of them with the following marinade: Soup Soy Sauce (2T), Minced Garlic (1T) and Sesame oil (1T). Mix with your hands and get them thoroughly coated. 
  • Cut the onion into thin slices. Cut the red and green chili peppers into small pieces. Then chop the spring onion stalks into small pieces (finger-length size). Cut the stem off the oyster mushroom and give them a quick wash. 
  • Next, make chili oil by mixing: Vegetable oil (½ cup), Gochugaru (⅓ cup) and Minced Garlic (1 Tablespoon). Place in microwave for 2 minutes. Take it out the microwave (be careful) and pour the mixture through a strainer (or cheese cloth). Use a spoon to squeeze out the last bits of oil. It should produce a little less than ⅓ cup. Set aside for use later. 

Shred beef

  • After 1 hour of gently boiling, turn the heat off. Pick out the ginger pieces. Take out the boiled brisket and let it cool down on a cutting board - for at least 15 minutes.
  • Cut the beef chunk in half with a knife. Then use your hands to shred each half into into bite-sized pieces. 
  • Place all of the shredded beef into a mixing bowl. Then add Soup Soy Sauce (1T), Minced Garlic (1T) and Sesame Oil (1T). Mix and coat together with your hand.

Make stew

  • Place your broth back on a high heat. Add the chili oil (⅓ cup) into the broth. Then, add in all of the prepped ingredients: Shredded Beef,  Marinated Fern, Marinated Taro Stem, Oyster Mushrooms, Onion, Red & Green Chili Peppers and Spring Onion pieces. 
  • Season the broth by adding-in: Gochugaru (2T), Minced Garlic (1T), Soup Soy Sauce (2T). 
  • Once the stew comes to boil, continue to cook on a high-heat for 30 minutes - without the lid
  • After 30 minutes, reduce the heat to a low. Cook for final 20 minutes - with lid on.  

Add Dangmyeon noodles to individual servings (optional)

  • Soak Dangmyeon noodles in cold water (best to soak for 30 minutes, so start this step in the previous section)
  • Pour a few ladles of the finished stew into a smaller pot. 
  • Add-in the soaked dangmyeon noodles into the small pot. 
  • Cook for a few minutes until noodles turn soft and translucent.
  • Eat straight out of the pot or transfer to a bowl ... and Bon Appetit!
  • Remember to eat with a bowl of hot rice


  • I would recommend using fernbrake, but taro stems are optional - may be harder to find
  • You can replace soup soy sauce with regular soy sauce.
  • If you'd like to add Dangmyeon noodles, remember to soak them for at least 30 minutes before cooking. 
  • Remember to serve with a bowl of rice (as the stew is spicy)
  • See video below for more details