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Mandu Salad
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Mandu Salad

Time to step yo dumpling game up! 
Course: Easy
Servings: 2 people


  • Dumplings - 8-10 or however many you want!

Salad Ingredients

  • Cabbage - 2 layers
  • Lettuce - 5 pieces
  • Perilla leaves - 5 optional
  • Carrot - small piece length of your pinky
  • Sesame seeds - few shakes optional, garnish

Gochujang Salad Sauce

  • Gochujang - 3 Tablespoons
  • Vinegar - 2 Tablespoons
  • Sugar - 2 Tablespoons
  • Minced garlic - ½ Tablespoon
  • Sesame oil - ½ Tablespoon


Veggie Prep

  • Wash all your veggies. Put them in a salad spinner or let them drip off excess water. 
  • Cut cabbage into very thin slices (the thinner the better).
  • Cut lettuce into thin bite-sized sections. 
  • Take stems off the perilla leaves and cut leaves into thin sections
  • Julienne the carrot. The thinner the better
  • Note: Feel free to throw in other veggies that are leftover in your refrigerator.

Make Marinade

  • Thoroughly mix together all of the ingredients listed under 'gochujang salad sauce'

Make Salad

  • Pour in about 75% of the gochujang salad sauce over the mixed greens. Give it a toss and sample it. Add more sauce if you need (I ended up using all of it). Garnish with sesame seeds.
  • Cook your dumplings. Make them extra crispy :)
  • Time to plate: Place a scoop of salad into the middle of the plate. Then arrange dumplings around the salad. 
  • Bon Appetit!


  • See video for more details