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Korean Vegetable Pancakes

Korean Vegetable Pancakes is a delicious snack to make with friends or family. The secret is making a light batter and bringing out the natural taste of each vegetable.
Course: Medium
Servings: 4 people



  • Potato - Length of pointer finger 
  • Carrot - Length of pointer finger
  • Zucchini - Length of pointer finger
  • Onion - 1/2 of a whole
  • Chives – 15 stalks
  • Mild red chili pepper - 1 pepper optional, not spicy - just for color
  • Korean Chungyang green pepper – 1 pepper optional, spicy

Pancake Batter

  • Flour - 2 cups if you have Korean pancake mix, even better
  • Water - 1 & 1/3 cups
  • Eggs - 2 eggs
  • Salt - 1 teaspoon
  • Sugar - 1/2 teaspoon

Dipping Sauce

  • Soy sauce - 3 teaspoons
  • Vinegar - 1 teaspoon
  • Minced garlic - 1/2 teaspoon
  • Korean red chili flakes - 1/2 teaspoon
  • Sugar  - 1/2 teaspoon
  • Spring Onion or Scallions - 1/3 of a stalk
  • Sesame seeds - Handful Garnish, optional


  • Cut potato, carrot, zucchini into the length of your pointing finger. Cut them into julienne cuts strips. Then slice onions into thin strips and cut green and red chili peppers into thin slices
  • Take out a mixing bowl and pour in the flour, salt, sugar and water.
  • Beat two eggs in a separate bowl and then pour into the mixing bowl - mix all ingredients thoroughly 
  • Then drop the vegetables pieces into the batter and mix again.
  • Place frying pan on a medium-low heat. Coat with a generous amount of vegetable oil 
  • Take one scoop of the batter and gently place onto frying pan 
  • After about 30-45 seconds, give the pancakes a flip (check to see if they have browned on the other side)
  • Pour one tablespoon of oil into the frying pan after you flip - then let the other side brown as well
  • For the dipping sauce, slice the spring onions into small thin circles and then mix with all of the other ingredients listed above in a small bowl. Enjoy!


  • Avoid pressing down on the pancakes while it is cooking
  • Cooking time may vary  - check a few times for a crispy bottom
  • If you have access to Korean mart, buy the Korean pancake mix (tastes better than just flour)
  • Try it with the dipping marinade sauce